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The American Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier, Spirit Airlines, is also the nation’s 8th largest airline.

Spirit Air lives up to its slogan’ Less money, more go’ as it offers its travelers various traveling options at a relatively lower fare.

Destination travel is simple with Spirit Airlines Reservations, as they have online check-in, Smart Check-in Kiosk, and a variety of in-flight customized itineraries for food and entertainment.

Spirit Air currently covers a total of 77 destinations across Central America, South America, the United States, and the Caribbean.

Spirit Airlines Ticket Pricing

Having been reviewed by a multitude, Spirit Airlines Reservations is a simple and quick process.

A customized procedure for every individual allows each customer to decide their inflight experience.

Their seats, food to in-flight entertainment, and other travel deals. One can budget their travel expenses with much ease.

Spirit Airlines also, makes it possible for everyone to travel to their destination with a generously designed travel itinerary removing excess airfare costs.

We bet you are not aware of this till now

What is the $9 Fare Club at Spirit Airline?

Before you resort to thinking that you can book a flight ticket for $9 is slightly overwhelming.

At a registration fee of $59.95 Customers belonging to the $9 Fare Club, do receive good benefits.

Spirit Airlines is all about making travel affordable.

Hence for you and Eight other passengers along with you can get the benefits of the $9 Club.

You will also, receive the lowest fares available.

Your booking window will indicate “FC” i.e the lowest fares under the $9 fare club

A great part of this deal can be beneficial for frequent flyers rather than people who travel occasionally or for holidays.

There is much more then $9 fare club it will be interesting go on

Booking the Big Front seat on Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines may not have the most comfortable seats but provided the amount you pay as an airfare, the seats are well maintained and have enough legroom for a person of tall stature.

It is advisable to be considerate while booking the Big Front Seat.

The Seat at the front of the AirCraft allows you a lot of legroom and wider seats.

If you are traveling with a small child or with kids

If you have a family of children then the Big Front Seats allow you and the kids enough room to breathe and move about. Especially if you have an active kid a little bit of legroom will let parents have a piece of mind. We can help you in getting the flight seats.

You are traveling for long hours

A travel time of more than 5 hours can be a good reason why you should book the Big Front Seats.

There are no additional benefits in terms of inflight entertainment or food, except that it provides you good comfort and legroom.

Therefore, you don’t feel creased between seats. Also, because of their Ultra Low-Cost Air Fare, the flights are mostly all seats are full. You may find a little room for yourself once you book these seats. Here also we can help you.

You have a budget

The Number one reason for travel by any Ultra Low-Cost Carrier is because the airfare is reasonably lower compared to other flights.

Booking the Big Front Seats will cost you anywhere between 20 Dollars to $75 depending on the destination and whether the flight duration is short or long distance. We can get you discount if you want we are here to assist.

Spirit Airlines Reservation for Seats

A regular online seat selection will cost you a maximum of $50.

Upfront purchase of tickets at the ticket counter, the price may cost you up to $ 75.

The Big Front Seats are priced between $25 to $150 depending on if the purchase is made online or at the check-in.

Random seats are allocated to customers at the time of CheckIn. 

For people traveling in groups and or a large family then the cost of pre-booking seats may go high.

We can assist you in reserving the seat of your choice and can get your booking confirmed at the same time, just have to contact the spirit reservation desk.

What is a Thrills Combo on Spirit Airlines?

By purchasing a thrills combo one can avail flight modification for free up to 24 hours before the flight.

Also, incase of fare change the customer needs to cover up the variance by paying the excess ticket amount. One checked-in bag, not more than 50 pounds.

Customers also get double the Air Miles if they opt for a thrill’s combo. To know more about the Thrills Combo, you can also call the customer Service of Spirit Airlines.

Cancellation of the Ticket

Currently, Spirit Air is waiving off all air travel cancellation charges and Air Fare change charges and it will be credited to the customer’s account to be used for future travel. (Until 31st of October 2020)

  • Flights can be rescheduled up to an hour before the flight departure.
  • For any flight cancellation done more than 24 hours before the flight or up to or more than 7 days prior, customers are eligible for a full refund.
  • Also, for SMS service for 48763 or WhatsApp on 801401222 for text cancellation of flight ticket.
  • Calling on Customer Service Helpline 855-728-3555 
  • Logging on My Trips and adding the customer booking name and confirmation and following the steps for cancellation of flight.
  • Also, if you are at the airport and need to cancel your ticket you can always ask the customer Service or Guest Service Agent from Spirit Airlines available at the airport.
  • A fare of $90 applies to changes in the air ticket schedule online and $100 at the airport. Any excess in airfare is added as customer credit which can be redeemed on future air travel.

Earning Miles Rewards on Spirit Airlines

A Thrills Package is the most beneficial when it comes to earning Miles rewards on the flight as it provides 2 miles rewards per mile traveled.

Apart from these, you can earn 1 Mile Reward per Mile Travelled.

The Spirit Airlines World Master Holders also earn double miles on all purchases. You earn 2 Miles for every $1 purchase.

Inflight Refreshments

Spirit Airlines manages to keep its prices Ultra-Low by just eliminating the food and drinks costs.

You can, however, purchase from an Inflight menu, that has both meals, snacks, and drinks. Therefore, people traveling by Spirit Air usually make it a point to carry their snacks and drinks.

To purchase refreshments on board you will need to pay by credit or debit card options. They do not accept Cash.

Alcohol Refreshment

Beer, Wine, Vodka, and other Cocktails can be ordered Inflight.

Prices for Alcoholic Drinks range between $8 for Beer/ Vodka/ Tequila to $11 for cocktails

Soft Drinks

You can take Minute Maid soft drinks $3 each.

For people traveling with families can select from the soft drinks option for kids.

Hot Drinks

Served at $2 each you can avail your cup of hot coffee (Arabica Beans), Lipton Tea, Stash Green Tea, Premium Hot Cocoa.

Snacks and food.

There is a wide variety of snacks from biscuits, cookies, nuts to cup noodles. Click here to find out more and plan your Inflight meal.

There are several combos offers that you can combine to enjoy your inflight experience.

Spirit Airlines Airport Service

The Spirit App lets you check-in online.

The ‘Self Tagging Bag’ stations are available. You can tag your bag and also check the weight.

In the view of COVID Pandemic, Spirit Airlines has taken essential steps to ensure your travel meets the highest safety standards.

There is a face covering policy & HEPA Filter arrangement.

That is why the customers are required to wear facemasks at all times to ensure they train their future flight privileges.

Spirit Airlines Crew are trained in Health and Safety by MedAire for Inflight and ground Medical assistance.

Boarding Pass

Boarding pass is always free to get if the check-in is done online through the Spirit App. Getting a printer boarding pass at the airport costs $10 while one at the Kiosk costs $2.

What are the four Boarding Zones by Spirit Airlines?

The airline has four boarding zones.

First Zone- If you have purchased airfare with a carry-on bag

Second Zone- For customers with VIP or Elite status or Spirit Airlines Mastercard Holders.

Third Zone and Fourth Zone- For regular customers.

Destinations & Offers

Spirit Airlines parallelly operates as a Travel Agent, so travelers can not only book flights but also arrange for budgeted hotels and tours.

Customers can opt for travel deals on which combine airfare, and a tour itinerary.

These are known as Spirit Airlines Redeemable Vouchers that customers can utilize while booking flights.

The deals include hotel stay, special lower rates, and even in-flight entertainment deals.

All you need to do is

  1. Firstly, go to Spirit Airlines Official website Spirit Airlines and then log into your account.
  2. After that click on the option “Redeem Vouchers” and enter your voucher code provided to you via email or phone call
  3. Use this voucher to get a deal on the Spirit Booking hotel stay, destination travel deal, or add further discounts on your next flight ticket.

Spirit Airlines Flight Deals are one of the most sought after due to their extremely competitive pricing model.

We can get you exciting deals, trust us and call today!

Travel Now and Pay Later Offer

The Uplift Payment Method allows customers to select a monthly payment plan for their ticket purchase.

Customers can avail the following benefits :

  • Book their tickets now or 12 months in advance and pay later.
  • Also, the minimum value of the ticket should be $300
  • Customers can travel before they pay off their Uplift Payment loan i.e. after the first instalment is paid
  • There is also no penalty for paying off the loan earlier

Also, this offer stands good for customers who want to travel with a large family or even large travel groups.

This offer is an opportunity for people who wish to travel but would like to adjust their airfare.

Spirit Airlines Travel Now, Pay Later Offer is a good offer so people can maximize their vacation budget by taking the Uplift Loan Plan.

Spirit Airlines Hosts several deals online on their website for customers to make most of their low prices.

Click here to avail of the 70% off deal on Spirit Airlines Official Website

Click here to know more about the October and December 2020 $55 one way Air Fare Ticket

NOTE : We can get you the best deals with spirit airlines you have to call our reservation desk today!

Spirit Airlines Hotel Bookings

Spirit Airlines works as a travel agent hence they provide hotel bookings on their website.

An Airfare will allow a discounted price on your hotel stay.

For people traveling the first time to a destination, it is wise to book the stay from the airlines itself as they sometimes have airport pick and drop.

You can select the destination and the number of rooms you are looking for.

Additionally, the age of the driver is also an essential option you need to select.

You can select anyone from the below options

  • FLIGHT + Car

This allows you to book a flight and a car with a designated driver. You need to confirm his age.

  • FLIGHT+ Hotel

An option that will allow you to book a hotel stay along with your ticket. These are budgeted hotels to luxury hotels.

You get to select from a wide range of options. It is mostly beneficial for frequent business travellers who don’t want to book a hotel stay separately.

  • Flight + Hotel + Car

All three options of Air Ticket, Car, and Hotel are available under this option. This falls under the Vacation option of the Spirit Airlines Reservation page.

Trip Planning with Spirit Airlines

Trip Planning is a customized option available on the Spirit Airlines Website where you get to choose from the below three options.

  • Popular Flight Destinations

Popular destinations like New York, Denver, Boston, New Orleans are some of the few destinations that have frequent flights compared to other destinations.

Also, these routes are always high on occupancy and heavily discounted as well.

Customers can avail the best prices which are almost 30% lower than their nearest competition.

  • Top Vacation Destinations

If you are planning a romantic getaway to Las Vegas you can select the Las Vegas for Less deal or Myrtle Beach for less.

Jamaica for less is also one of the many Ultra Low-Cost Airfare and vacation.

Please alson note that these deals change depending on the viability of the flights and seasonal demands

  • New and Seasonal Service

Traveling for leisure during the holiday season is covered by the seasonal Service from Spirit Airlines.

You can meet your near and dear ones for special occasions with the lowest price guaranteed on Spirit Airlines.

Under this option, you not only get Ultra-Low Airfare but additional seasonal discounts.

Always keep a lookout for the season’s special deals on their official website while you are planning a vacation.

Here are 6 Top Reasons why you should travel by Spirit Airlines

  • It is all about the cost

We have entered a new age of travel where people want to visit more destinations than travel in a business class.

A multitude of destinations can be fly in a business class fair in a luxury airline than to pay less on an airfare and instead spend money on the trip.

Spirit Airlines has made travel possible for the lowest possible price.

  • Value for Money

From flight crew to Inflight experience.

Their airline fleet is the youngest.

They have the latest A320 aircraft that allow a more spacious room and legroom for travellers. 

You also, get to travel with a well trained and experienced crew. They have one of the best guest service agents as their ground staff.

  • Saving at every step of your travel journey

Spirit Airlines is all about proper planning and smart travel.

For example, online check-in is free while getting your boarding pass print at Kiosk is $2, and the check-in is for $10.

You learn at every step how you can save money by avoiding unnecessary costs and planning your travel.

  • Baggage price calculator

A small baggage 18”x14”x8” is allowed in the cabin free of cost for anything above which has to be prepaid online.

Spirit Airlines allows you the lowest price on baggage when you pre-book it online.

However, there is almost a $10 increase when you register and book baggage at the airport. So it’s best to wisely book your bags online.

However, most of the Spirit Air customers try to make most of the free baggage allowance

  • U.S Military Discount

Spirit airlines is a proud supported of the members of the US military and offer the below services for any US military Member

Free Baggage, Wounded Warriror & Families, Honor Flights

Two free checked bags along with a carry-along bag are allowed on the flight. Active military members can avail of this offer. However, the offer cannot be extended to family members and friends.

With a partnership with Luke’s Wings, Spirit airlines offer free flights, hospitalization, and rehabilitation services to active military members, wounded warriors, and their immediate family members.

Honor flights are arranged for War veterans in partnership with Honor Flight South Florida. Spirit Airlines honors itself in flying the war heroes.

Your pet travels low cost as well

Domestic dogs, cats, household birds, and Domestic Rabbits are allowed to travel with the passenger inflight. Customers can book their tickets along with their pets. General information on traveling with your pet can be accessed on the Spirit Airlines official Website.

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