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About Jet Blue

JetBlue Airways is a low-cost American airlines service that comes under the top 10 airline services in the world. David Neeleman founded JetBlue airlines. In August 1998 as new air and later commenced its operation as JetBlue airways in Feb 2000. It has its headquarters in London island city of New York.

Jetblue operates over 825 flights daily and serves around 102 domestic and international destinations in the US, central & South America, Caribbean and Mexico.

Reservations and online bookings 

Book the JetBlue airline ticket if you want to have an enjoyable and smooth flight journey at low rates.

Our experts will be happy to assist you 24*7. Let you know about the free of cost complimentary services offered by the airline that seems to be ignored in the regular ticket booking.

Just need to share your desired dates for travelling, preferences, budget for the trip, and other necessary details required.

Our experts will explain to you about the process and all necessary terms and conditions and the benefits provide by the airlines to ensure that your journey would be smooth and fantastic.

You can also ask your questions/doubts related to airlines. We will be more than happy to assist you.

You just need to contact us on this number or via live chat or email support _____________.

Steps to book one-way and a round trip through JetBlue airlines- 

You can directly contact the customer care services to help you out in flight-bookings with free complimentary services that are offere by the airlines. 

Contact here: ___________        

You can also book the airlines directly using the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Enter the arrival and the departure destinations, some details about the trip and select the dates
  1.  Provide the details of the number of passengers travelling and click search to get into the further process of flight bookings
  1.  There will be an option to book tickets in refundable and non-refundable options. It is suggest to book refundable tickets, although it costs a bit higher than not refundable in case the travel plan got cancle, you would get the refund.
  1. Select the travel class and service packages and also select if any rewards points or coupons available at that time
  1. Provide further required details such as name, age, passenger details, travel preferences and then click continue. 
  1.  Choose the available flight seats on your preference and add-on flight service, if needed.
  1. Then you have to complete the payment process if you want to pay by TrueBlue reward points log in using TrueBlue account and enter further details. Enter the correct account credentials and recheck that also if needed.

Jet Blue Baggage Policy

Each person traveling through JetBlue airways allowed one carry-on bag and another personal backpack. These carry-on bags are store on the overhead bin or underneath the seat, and JetBlue has no responsibility for the property carrying on board. 

  • Weight restrictions are not there on the carry-on bags, just make sure that it can be lift on the overhead bin or beneath the seat.
  • Children Baggage: There is no allowance for the baggage for children for infants sitting on an adult’s lap. However, their parents are allow to carry the necessary items for their kids.
  • For music instruments baggage you have to ensure that it sits in the overhead lockers. It will also be treat as separate carry-on baggage.
  • Pets are also carry on board and place in the carrier under the seat in the front. Passengers are allow to bring one pet, and there would be a maximum of 4 pets may be present on the board of the flight. The pet carrier has specific restrictions on the dimensions and weight there is an extra charge for it as it is count as separate carry-on baggage.
  • Carry-on baggage allowance: The size limit for the carry-on bag is 45 linear inches, and the size of the personal item is also 45 items.
  • Oversized baggage allowance: Oversized bags will lead to extra charges. Those bags with a range of 21-45 kg will be charge 100$ extra. It also includes the weight of handles and the wheels of the pack. 
  • Check baggage allowance: It is allow to carry these check bags after paying for them. There would be a size limit of 157 cm and a weight limit of 23 kg which are applicable for the extra charges.

If you want any more information regarding baggage policy of JetBlue airlines to feel free to contact our executives on _______________

Check-in Policies of JetBlue airline

You can check-in to JetBlue airlines via various way like:

-Online web check-in

-Self-service kiosk airport check-in

-Ticket counter check-in at the airport 

-Curbside check-in

-Jetblue mobile app check-in 

If you need any guidance or our help, just contact us at ____________. We will be more than happy to assist you with the customer care support of our experts 24*7.

You can check-in for your flight 24hours before departure using any of the ways mentioned above. Also, you can quickly get your bags touch-free by scanning your boarding pass when you add your checked bags in advance. 

You can also get the self-scannable boarding pass using the JetBlue mobile app.

Features of JetBlue mobile app

JetBlue Mobile app is the must-have app on your mobile phone if you frequently travel through the JetBlue airlines because of its ultimate features. 

These are some of the features available of the JetBlue app:

  • Book and manage your trips
  • Used to prepay checked bags and also for buy and change seats
  • It can be use to check flight status and make check-in 
  • Used to access your mobile self-scannable boarding pass
  • Live customer chat is also available with the experts

In-flight amenities

To get proper in detailed information about the variations in air facilities provided by the JetBlue, you can contact us at _____________

These are some of the best services that JetBlue airlines provide-

  • Passengers are offer free onboard high-speed wifi (fly-fi) in every cabin class.
  • Snooze kitsch was provide to ensure your good experience if you want to sleep, which includes eyeshadow and earplugs.
  • All the entertainment arrangements are also there so you will never feel bored during the flight. Large screen TV with great audio and video quality is also there.
  • Some free snacks along with water bottles are also available, and the rest of it comes with the ticket specifications, or you have to purchase it separately during the flight.
  • Premium high-quality seats are present with the most like legroom in the coach to ensure the comfortable seats and sitting environment. 

Cancellation Policies OF Jet Blue

If your flight is cancel by mistake, you can rebook them without any extra charge for the tickets.

Moreover if the flight is cancel or delay, you might be eligible for the compensation. 

Also, if you want to cancel the flight bookings, JetBlue airlines permit that. Don’t have to provide the reason for the revoking of the tickets. You have to pay the cancellation charge of 25$ per ticket.

You also have to ensure that you appeal for the cancellation of the tickets if needed before nullifying a reservation before it expires. It becomes non-refundable and also can’t be cancel once it expires. 

It is always suggest to enquire with experts once before making any cancellations or rescheduling your travel dates. We are here to assist you with 24*7 support with these all the time. 

Contact us at-

Phone  _____________

Email   ______________

When you request the refund you will have to wait for some time and also the airline will also deduct the service charge. You will receive the full amount paid after the relevant deductions by JetBlue.

JetBlue Frequent Flyer Program

It is one of the best offers that JetBlue offers to its customers. Using the JetBlue Frequent flyer Programme named-True blue, it provides the customers with the reward points with every dollar spent on booking the flight. 

These reward points can be used to book the future flights and also these TrueBlue points come with no boundation on usage time as it will never expire for any reason. 

JetBlue Credit Card 

There is an impressive cashback and offers come with JetBlue credit cards like frequent flyer Programme. You can be award 10-40 thousand extra points if the JetBlue card is use to make daily purchases above 1000$ within the 90 days time limit. 

  • JetBlue Reward Points Usage: Reward points given by JetBlue will be use for making donations, getting newspaper subscriptions, booking getaways vacations, on Hawaiian airlines, booking next flight and even the points can be transfer to other members’ accounts directly as well.
  • Jetblue Flight Status Details

Flight status allows the people to get all the updates and the changes in schedule or delay in flight arrivals.  

It can be check from the official website or the JetBlue mobile app, and the passengers also have the facility to download that information and flight status correctly in the document form. 

Flight status can be check by two methods, i.e. by using the route or review by the flight number; both are equally efficient. 

You can also call us for making the flight status enquiry of at _____________

Unaccompanied Minor JetBlue Facility

Those children who are in between the age of 5-14 travelling alone are consider as the unaccompanied minor by JetBlue airlines. 

UMNR flight booking fee is 150$ per person on the one-way flight and also he/she can’t occupy for mint or even more space seats. They are only allow to fly through the non-stop/direct flight. Jetblue ensures that they are seat at the back so the cabin crew can help and assist them whenever needed. 

The proper unaccompanied minor form is available online on the JetBlue website, and it must be filled out before the travel. Other details are need, also for the person dropping off and the picking up the child. 

Call us at _________ for more details.

JetBlue Mint Business Class-

  • The experience of the JetBlue premium seats begins at the airport as there is a unique line for the mint customers and You also don’t have to stand for long in the security line.
  • Mint customers are welcome personally and also explain the extraordinary features of the seat for the people using the mint premium service for the first time. 
  • Special suite seats are there which features a massage unit, recliner, lumbar support and a fully lie-flat bed. It also has a door for additional privacy and has a lot of storage that can hold your electronics.
  • High-quality upscale Food and beverages are present with a versatile nature. Amenity kit of birch box is also available for men and women both which includes exceptional beauty and cosmetic products.
  • Power sockets and USB ports are present to charge your electronic devices. 
  • It comes with the 15-inch television screen to take care of the in flight entertainment so you will never be bore during the flight.

Price– Mi experience flight seats come with fares starting 599$ each way. 

It is always in high demand, so it gets sold within the few weeks in advance.

Other Branded Jetblue Fares

Apart from the mint premium experience, JetBlue offers different types of fares like blue basic, blue, blue plus blue extra.

  • Blue basic: It is the most economical and the basic version of JetBlue airlines which features no perks. It allows the baggage of 1-carryon bag with one personal item. Check bags and the changes are not allow, and the boarding is at last.
  • Blue: It is better than the basic blue feature as changes are allow with the fee starting at 75$, and the boarding is general. It does not have any check bags, and you are allow to take one carry-on bag with a personal item.
  • Blue plus: It is one of the most chosen options, and it comes at the average position. It allows you to take a one-carry bag with a personal bag and one checked bag is included in it. The changes are also qualified, and the boarding is in general. 
  • Blue extra: It is the service which is just one step backwards to the premium mint class, and it is also so good as changes are allow, and the boarding is early. Checked bags are not included in it, and you are allowed to take one carry on bag with a personal item. 

You may be feeling confused while finding the best suitable fare for your travel. 

Don’t worry as it is normal, contact us at _____________ and we will help you to find the best fare according to your requirements at reasonable rates and discounts.

JetBlue Military Discounts 

JetBlue offers exceptional discounts for the army officers and their families as they are the backbone for the country’s protection. 

These are some discount policies by JetBlue offered for military:

  • If you are booking regular tickets, JetBlue generally provides an expected discount to the people booking the tickets, and apart from them, military people are eligible to get more discount and deduction in rates. 
  • While booking tickets you have to show your army card, and then you are eligible to get a discount, and you will also get a higher amount of points of travel as compared to normal tickets.
  • On travelling on duty, you will also be allowed to travel with five bags free of cost.

Group Travel Facilities of JetBlue

Group travel is one of the most favourable and liked services offered by JetBlue when you need to travel in groups. 

These are some details related to group travel of JetBlue airlines:

  • There is a minimum limit of the ten persons then only it will consider than group travel, and you will be eligible for its features
  • The group leader is assigned, and he will get all the details with the fare quote by JetBlue airways
  • Around 50$ is charged per person in seat bookings in the form of early deposits
  • A fee of 100$ is charged for the details correction or change in it prior within 72 hours to the flight departure. 
  • Final details and all information should be submitted 30 days before for domestic trips and 60 days before the international release.  

Guidelines of Group Travel 

You can contact the customer care services to ensure and take the benefits of group travel which might be ignored will booking on your own. 

You can apply for the reservations as soon as possible because the group travel seats are as per first-come, first-serve basis.

Contact Jet Blue Customer Care

You can contact the customer care services directly on the mobile live chats or by the support emails of the JetBlue airlines. But in the majority of the cases, the customers can reach the support and take help only in the working hours, and it only may not be reachable within 24 hours. 

That’s the reason other online travel services are encouraged so you can reach us 24*7 as our customer care executives and experts are happy to assist you with your problems and flight bookings. You can also contact us for queries related to airlines and get a reply within 24 hours with the practical solution to be implemented. 

Just you need to contact us at:

Phone __________

Email __________