Earthlink Email Customer Service

EarthLink email is one of the popular email service providers in the United States.

EarthLink was formed in the year 1994. In the year 2000 it has become the second largest internet service provider after AOL in the USA.   

EarthLink has ranked #1 in overall customer satisfaction

EarthLink offers two different type of service groups. One for residential and another for business use.

Residential use provides broadband (DSL/freestanding DSL, cable internet, 4G Internet, Satellite Internet), dial-up Internet, Web hosting and commerce, and related services.

Business use provides communications, IT and virtualization, cloud computing, IT security, colocation, hosted applications and support services.

EarthLink also offers spam blocking, antivirus, online backup, etc. They are enjoying millions of consumers in the United States. From January 2019, EarthLinkstarted offering web hosting, privacy, and data security, premium email, internet access, etc. Looking for some history of EarthLink Wikipedia is also sometimes better.

How to connect with the EarthLink customer service team?

Users can contact EarthLink customer service via multiple channels such as instant message, telecommunication, feedback on its own website, and postal service.
You can also contact the EarthLink customer service provider from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm through message.
If you are a residential user and want to connect through a phone call with the sales team, then you can call them from 8.00 AM to 12.00 AM EST 7 days a week at 8663833080.
To resolve technical queries EarthLink support is available from 9 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week.
EarthLink support also provides an option to connect their technical support team via sending text messages at 8334584360 from 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM 7 days a week.

If you are a business user of EarthLink, then you should follow the below-mentioned guidelines

For web hosting support you can directly call at 8009550186 from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM EST Monday to Friday and for Hyperlink Business Internet& Digital Marketing, you can call at 8443565249 from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM EST Monday to Friday.

EarthLink Customer Service- a Savior in the hour of need!!

EarthLink offers various types of services to its customers.
As an internet user, you may need to connect with EarthLinksupport for many reasons such as
Internet connection (Board Band, Dialup, 4G, and more options)

  • Web Hosting
  • Email setup
  • Billing-related query
  • Digital Marketing, etc.

Setup EarthLink Email

There are several methods to setup EarthLinkmailon different devices and for this reason Earthlink customer support is fully equipped for providing email configuration.
We will share different email configuration techniques for different devices and software.
If you want someone to do it for you, then you simply have to dial EarthLink tech support phone number.

How to Setup EarthLink Email for Outlook

Configuring EarthLink email for outlook is very easy. Follow below mentioned steps point by point to configure outlook:

Firstly, go to the EarthLink support center at
Then click on the “Email” menu bar.
After that, you will get a link to “Configuration Tool (Outlook)”. Also, this email configuration tool will help you to set up the EarthLink email to outlook.
Then you have to click on the “Configuration Tool (Outlook)
After that, your PC will download the setup file of EarthLink mail.
Then you have to run the setup file on your PC or laptop.
Follow the step-by-step instruction of the setup and your email will get activated.

If the .exe file cannot configure your email on outlook, then we would recommend you to configure it manually. For manual configuration you can follow the below steps:

Open Outlook and click on File at the top left of the page.
Click on “Add Account” under the Account Information page.
Once the Welcome page pops up enter your email address and click Connect.
Now Outlook will take a few seconds to fetch the information.
You will see a page where you need to select either a POP or IMAP account. Please note most of the email client supports two protocols like Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) and Post Office Protocol (POP) to retrieve messages.
On this screen fill in the account settings depending on the account type. Email customers use SMTP for sending email and POP or IMAP for retrieving e-mail. Kindly find below-mentioned configurations of POP and IMAP mentioned below:


Incoming server is Port is 110

Outgoing server is Port is 587.


Incoming server is Port is 143.

Outgoing server is Port is 587.

Once done, click the option “Connect”

We believe that anyone can configure POP or IMAP easily after following the above steps accurately. If anyone needs an external support then kindly connect with EarthLink support number.

Now you will see the text “We’re getting things ready”.Kindly enter below details on the text box:

Server: or

Username: Email address.

Password: Enter in your email password..

Click OK. Congratulations now your new account is added to the Outlook.

Use EarthLink email on mobile phone

EarthLink offers a service where you can send and receive mails on your smartphone without configuring your mobile phone.

Firstly, open your mobile browser and go to After that login with your EarthLink email address and password.

Alternatively, users can download the mobile from the app store of their device. If still facing some issues, feel free to contact the EarthLink helpline number on your screen.

Steps to setup EarthLink mail on iPhone

Any user can check emails directly on IPhone, follow below mention to configure EarthLink mail:

Click “Settings” on your iPhone.
Click on “Passwords & Accounts”.
Now click “Add Account”.
Select “Other”.
Click “Add Mail Account”.
Now enter the details like Name, Address, Password, and Description. Click Next at the top right after filling in all details. (Please note on this step your iPhone will automatically determine your further settings. In case it is unable to find you will need to follow the next step).
  • Select the POP option and enter the following details:
    • Name, Email and Description and scroll down to Incoming Mail Server
    • Incoming Mail Server
  1. HostName –
  2. User Name – Your full email address
  3. Password – Your EarthLink email address password (case sensitive)
  • Outgoing Mail Server
  1. Host Name – (regardless of what domain you have in your email address)
  2. User Name – Your full email address
  3. Password – Your EarthLink email address password (case sensitive)

Click Save  top right and you are done.

Note: If you receive a message – “Cannot Connect Using SSL – Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?” – Click Yes.

You can also get other supports from EarthLink customer support such as:

Server setting
Email program setting
Mobile device setting
Network troubleshooting
Mail configuration troubleshooting
Email blockage
Password reset
Billing-related answer
High-speed internet sale and technical support
Web hosting related sales and technical support
All residential and business packages

Earthlink Vs Bellsouth

Here are key positives of both the email service providers, if you wish to create account on any of the provider we strongly suggest you to read below:

Earthlink Customer Support

They provide their services mostly in the United States.
Customers can connect with the customer care team via messages, phone calls, email, postal mail.
From only one website you will get all information and support such as sales, billing info, technical support, web hosting, etc.
Please note customer care phone call is not toll-free.
Also, their customer support does not operate 24×7.
EarthLink customer support provides sales, technical, and other related information, call EarthLink email customer service today.

Bellsouth Customer Support

Bellsouth provides services in many countries such as Canada, Argentina, South American, etc.
You can connect with Bellsouth’s customer support only via phone call.
The website is a bit cumbersome as they have different web pages for different services.
Bellsouth customer support offers a toll-free call.
You can call Bellsouth customer support 24×7.
Bellsouth email customer support provides email related technical support effectively.

EarthLink Business Services

If you are an entrepreneur and thinking about any online business, EarthLink will be your best choice.

You can get web hosting, digital marketing, fastest internet package, email package, etc. all just from one place.

The most important point to note here is EarthLink offers business packages. It is very comfortable for the users when they are getting all internet related services in one place even if customers have purchased business packages.


Earthlink is a very popular internet, web hosting, web mail, and important service provider in the United States for the both home and business users.

You will get all sales, technical support and other related information from their website.

Their website is very easy to use and user friendly.

Earthlink customer service is ready to assist you any time you just need to dial the Earthlink helpline number to get assisted. Copy and Paste Url to share with others.

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