American Airlines

In 1973, American Airlines hired 24-year-old Bonnie Tabriz, the first female pilot for a commercial airline. One of the many instances where American Airlines had created history. 

American Airlines has its headquarters based in Fort Worth, Texas. It has the largest fleet size with 957 aircraft. 

They also lead the industry competition when it comes to passengers carried and revenue passenger miles.

It is the One World Alliance’s founding member and operates the subsidiary carriers under the brand American eagle.

American Airlines Reservation:

The One World Alliance includes British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, LATAM, and Qatar Airways. American Airlines is in a codeshare partnership with Interject and Fiji Airways.

The easiest way to book a flight with American Airlinesis to visit their website and explore American Airlines Flight details. Once you open the website, you need to add your travel details.

Date of departure, Arrival place, a return date if you plan to book a round trip and the total number of passengers traveling. Click ‘Search Flights.

Follow the instructions on the new tab and enter your details to book the flight of your choice.

Upon confirming the flight details and the seat, you can reserve or hold the fare on selected routes.

American Airlines’ ticket can be kept on hold for 24 hours before you make a final decision and proceed to check out.

There is also an extended hold option available. Customers should know that holding a ticket involves fees, and it is non-refundable.

You can visit “My Trips” to cancel, reschedule, or change your flight or AA Seats. Click here to know more about hold.

Customers can also book a flight by contacting American Airlines Reservation Phone number or American Airlines Customer Service.

If there are any customer concerns regarding the payment at any step of securing an American Airlines flight ticket, customer service will provide an efficient solution.

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Why should I opt to book American Airlines?

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If you purchase an American Airlines ticket on the reservation counter:

Access the “My trips/Check-In” or move to “Find Reservations” after having entered the necessary confirmation details or American Airlines Ticket number lookup option, click on the “Change Trip” Option.

1. You can change the flight up to 2 hours before the departure and can do it over the counter at the airport.

2. There is an additional charge to change the flight. For free upgrades, check with customer service regarding advantage or Elite Membership.

3. For ticket refunds and additional cancellation policies, customers can contact American Airlines on the toll-free number. Users get an added advantage while booking from our website.

4. If the customer changed his/her travel plans, they could keep the original ticket’s full value; however, they will need to pay the fare difference if the new flight is more expensive. If the new flight is less costly, the customer will get the fare difference in travel credit for a future trip.

Example: If you paid $500 for your flight and change to a new flight that costs $300, you would receive $200 in travel credit for a future trip.

5. We have a 24*7 customer helpline that assists customers in managing American Airlines reservations.

6. The company accepts most credit and debit cards; you can use multiple cards to purchase or reschedule a ticket.

7. In case of excess, they refund the amount back to the card. You can connect directly via the phone numbers to know more about American Airlines Flight schedules or Reservation changes.

What is the American Airlines Fly Now Payment plan?

  1. This plan allows customers to use flight service after the first installment of EMI Payment. Low monthly payment plans and low-interest rates, and no annual fee.
  2. You can change the ticket details at the airport kiosk, airport lounge, and ticket counter.
  3. Fly Now Payment Plan is also beneficial for those traveling in groups; they can pay the airfare in installments over some time, and there are instant approvals.

Here are the easy payment plans.

In addition to discounted flight rates, we provide easy installment plans for our customers.

Enter your card details and follow by accepting the terms and conditions to complete the payment process.

The entire transaction is processed with an OTP sent on your registered number, and you can avail the EMI option once the payment is confirmed.

It is a great financial tool for families or large groups traveling with American Airlines. Frequent flyers and business travelers also get the benefit from the low-cost EMI plan.

Baggage Allowance Facility?

American Airlines baggage allowance For the first free bag, 22x14x9 inches and personal bag measuring no more than 18x14x8 inches, is allowed on transatlantic flights. 

Domestic flights charge  A $30 for the first, $40 for the second, $150 for the third, and $200 for additional bags. Basic economy passengers can check-in their first baggage for $60.

Passengers can check-in up to 10 bags, depending on the distance of their travel destinations.

There are fees for all three baggage allowance factors based on the travel route, i.e., weight, number of bags, and the bag’s dimension.

Baggage weighing more than 100lbs and more than 68 inches in size are denied check-in at most American Airlines counters. Additionally, pets can be checked-In, for a fee between $150 to $200.

We ensure to provide the exact fee structure for your baggage allowance.

Customers can contact our customer service number to enquire about the baggage allowance on American Airlines.

We are a third party authorized partner of American Airlines; we provide necessary information regarding booking, cancellation, rescheduling, and updations of any sort.

Essential pointers to note:

1.   COVID 19 compliance details (Face mask, travel documents, etc.) mandatory.

2.   We also provide phone assistance for customers to reschedule flights due to the COVID 19 regulations.

3. Information on different Flight Cabins on American Airlines.

4.   Difference between eight different kinds of cabins across the American Airlines carrier fleet.

Also, there are:

  • Basic Economy
  • Main Cabin
  • Main Cabin Extra
  • Premium Economy
  • Business
  • First Class
  • Flagship Business
  • Flagship First

The Flagship First Seats

American Airlines flagship seats are available on their 777 Boeing international flights. The seats are comfortable and have a 90-degree swivel.

The Flagship First Cabin seats are private as the aircraft has only eight seats in this cabin section.

There are two tables and a desk charging station so you can work while you are on board.

These seats are American Airline’s premium business offerings as there is ample legroom and dining space available.

Flagship Business Seats

The American Airline Flagship Business Seats are distinguished, with the 1-2-1 seating arrangement.

These American Airline Seats are comfortable and move back and forth. Most of the international flights have tablets instead of fixed screens.

One of the cabin’s popular features is that screen adjusts as per the passenger’s requirement.

The 777-300 aircraft are well equipped, with the latest tech gadgets and 52 ergonomic cirrus seatsAmerican Airlines are universally known for providing great comfort to their travelers.

Premium Economy Seats

Premium economy seats have the 2-4-2 or 2-3-2 seating arrangement. The seats can be reclined up to 10 inches and have an adjustable headrest. Seats are pre-installed with a head jack and power outlet.

The Basic/ Economy Seats and Main Cabin/ Extra Seats

 Across the routes of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Canada, and most of Europe, American Airlines has introduced low-cost carrier fares. The seats have a standard pitch of 31′, and the main cabin seats allow some relief with the legroom. You can book the Main Cabin seats before the flights and You can also receive American Airlines confirmation via text message and email 24 hours before the flight.

You can contact us to book your seats with American Airlines. We provide low costs on frequent routes like New York JFK, Miami MIA, Los Angeles LAX Chicago (ORD), and many international routes to Asia and Europe London Heathrow LHR. We hold special deals on certain days of the week providing low-cost airfare to American Airlines customers.

Check-In American Airlines

Passengers can check-in online 24 hours before their flight. Additionally, they can check-In 45 minutes prior for domestic and 90 minutes earlier for international flights.

Concierge Key members board first, followed by first-class passengers and Military personnel.

These are followed by, Elite members, Main Cabin Extra passengers, and Eligible Advantage credit cardholders. Lastly, the general boarding groups of basic and economy are allowed to board the flight.

Loyalty Benefits of American AirlinesYou Need To Know About The Advantage Program.

The advantage is a loyalty program offered by American Airlines. There are two types of program features, namely, Advantage Basic Membership and Elite Membership.

Further, Elite Membership has four classes: Advantage Gold, Advantage Platinum, Advantage Platinum Pro, and Advantage Executive Platinum. The Concierge Key customers are one of the most loyal flyers and are considered Elite Customers. 

Depending on the EQS (Elite Qualifying Segment Points), EQD’s (Elite Qualifying Dollars) and Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) earnings determine the membership status.

Benefits of the Membership:

1. American Airlines is awarded 5 Miles for every dollar spent on American AirlinesEagle Air, codeshare flights, and One World Partnership flights.

2. Memberships are guaranteed to accrue a minimum of 500 EQM’s (250 in case of Basic Economy)

3. Also, basic members can use award miles at Admirals Club Lounge membership, vacation packages, car rentals, and hotel stays.

Advantage Gold:

Advantage Gold

1. After spending $2000 or 20,000 EQMs or 20 EQSs within one calendar year, you can avail yourself a gold status.

2. You can also earn seven award miles per dollar spent.

3. One complimentary checked-in baggage per flight.

4. Priority check-in, security screening, and flight boarding.

5. Complimentary preferred seat can be allocated in Main Cabin prior to if the customer informs before 24 hours of departure.

6. Four complimentary cabin upgrades and flights longer than 500 Miles are given EQMs of 12,500.

7. Access to Elite Service Desk, Discounts at Admirals lounge club membership.

8. Reduced rates on codeshare airlines and other partner airlines.

9. Ruby Status on One World’s Loyalty program.

Advantage Platinum:

Advantage Platinum

After spending $4,500 or 40,000 EQMs or 45 EQSs within one calendar year, there is an Advantage Platinum Membership upgrade.

1. Free Access to Business and frequent flyer lounge.

2. Priority check-in, security screening, and flight boarding.

3. Sapphire status on One Worlds Loyalty program.

4. Free seat in Main Cabin before Check-In.

5. Free access to flagship lounge and cabin upgrades up to 48 hours before the flight.

6. If Platinum member collects two million miles, they can earn Platinum status for a lifetime.

7. Four one-way upgrades; it adds additional four upgrades once you garner extra million miles.

Any amount spends between $9000 to $15,000, and more will grant you the Advantage Platinum pro and Advantage Executive Platinum status, respectively.

Platinum Pro vs Executive Platinum

Platinum Pro vs Executive Platinum

1. They earn $11 points per dollar spent.

2. Platinum Pro can upgrade flight cabin 72 hours prior, while Platinum executive can upgrade 100 hours before the flight.

3. The Platinum Executive provides a confirmed (upon availability) seat in Basic Economic, whereas the Platinum Pro upgrade will keep the seats on standby.

4. Platinum Executive has most service fees waived off.

5. Also, they receive complimentary alcohol and snacks, even in the main cabin.

Concierge Key:

It is an invite-only Elite Member. If a member has asked to become a Concierge Key Member, they have all the platinum members’ access and more. Free entry at Flagship lounge and Admirals club. You also receive free access to the Concierge Key customer service line.

To know more about Advantage Membership of check-in online, American Airlines or click here to learn more.

In-flight Experience with American Airlines:

We provide deals where customers can avail in-flight experiences along with low airfare. It would be best to connect with our call center to know more details about discounts on In-flight pre-booked specialized meals. The fine dining experience offers a full course meal on long haul flights. Customers get soup as a starter and four dessert options.

American Airlines has partnered with celebrity chefs Sean Connolly for the US, Australia, and Europe, whereas Jun Kuroki for flights to Japan. Chefs have designed a special in-flight menu for premium class customers.

When it comes to alcohol, wine, beer, and other spirit drinks, quality cutlery is utilized, and enough side dishes. A variety of cole haan amenity kits are provided depending upon the cabin. Also, flagship first and other flagship business kits are specially designed by the brand ‘This is Ground.’ The skincare product is from ‘Allies of Skin.’ Furthermore, brands such as State Bags, Baxter of California, standard pillows, duvet, and pajamas on long haul flights are provided by American Airlines.

American Airlines provides the best flight service and is known to be one of the top airlines globally. We offer easy American Airlines ticket booking and reservations and various deals on tickets and vacation packages.