Add Money to Cash App Card

You can add money to your Cash App and use a cash card at stores that accept Visa. One major benefit that users get when they add balance to Cash App is that their Cash Card gets linked with App balance, which can be accessed anytime.

Follow the below-mentioned blog and steps as this has been drafted for specific users looking to add money to Cash App Card.

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What is a Cash App Card?

Cash Card is a Visa debit card used to pay for goods and services from the user’s Cash App balance. Cash App cards can also be used to withdraw cash. Transactions can be both online as well as offline.

Once the Cash Card is linked to the Cash App account, the user will be able to take the maximum benefit from the same. To obtain another major benefit user needs to attach Bank Account with their Cash App account.

How to link a Bank account to Cash App?

link Cash App to banking account

There are two different ways a user can add Bank Account to the cash app.

1:-   For first time users:

  • Launch Cash App on your Mobile phone.
  • Then tap on the icon, which is visible on the main home screen of the Cash App.
  • After that, go to the option “Funds.”
  • You will get the option to add a bank, and then you are supposed to follow all the steps that come on the Cash App screen.

2:- Follow these steps in case if you have already linked your Bank account and wants to modify/add another:

  • First of all, you need to open a Cash App on your smartphone.
  • You need to select the icon option, which is on the home screen of the Cash App.
  • After that, select the option “Funds.”
  • You will see a list of saved bank accounts will appear on the screen.
  • Then select any bank, and you will get the options “Remove Bank/Replace Bank.”
  • After that, you have to follow the steps and instructions which you get on the Cash App.

By following these steps, you can attach your Bank account to Cash App. Follow the below-mentioned steps by which you can add your Debit/Credit card to your Cash App account.

How can I Link my debit or credit card with Cash App?

Here are steps by which you can add a credit card to your Cash App account:

  • Launch Cash App on your Mobile phone.
  • Click on the profile icon at the top left corner.
  • Click the option “Funds.”
  • Under funds, select “Add Credit Card.”
  • Enter the details of your card like card number, CVV, zip code, and expiry date.
  • After following all the procedures, click “Add Card,” and it will be added simultaneously.

After following these steps, one by one, the user would easily be able to link the card and can proceed to add money to the Cash App account.

How to add money to Cash App account?

  • Launch Cash App on your Mobile phone.
  • On the Cash App home screen, click the “My Cash” tab located on the left side at the bottom of your screen. 
  • On the “My Cash” page, click “Add Cash.”
  • On the “Add Cash” page, enter the precise amount of funds you wish to add to your Cash App, and then click add. 

Once completed, you can pay for a service or transfer funds to other accounts, also now. You can follow below mention steps if you want to add money to your Cash Card.

How to add money to Cash Card?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to add money to Cash Card using Cash App:

  • Open Cash App on your Android/iOS device.
  • Click the “My Cash” option. Users who don’t know the icon can locate the icon at the bottom left corner.
  • On the My Cash tab, select the option “Add Cash.”
  • Enter the amount which you wish to add.
  • Confirm the amount by clicking on “Add.”
  • The desired amount will be added to your Cash Card.

How to Check the Available Balance in Cash App?

Suppose you want to check the current balance in your Cash App account. You can follow these steps given below:

  • Open the URL
  • Once the link opens, sign in with your login credentials.
  • Then open the statements tab.
  • After that, you can select “Export CSV.”

Once you export the file with details, it will get download to your PC. Mostly all the files will be downloaded to the default folder “Downloads” with a down arrow.


As per Rob from the Cash App team, this is a detailed article that mentions easy steps to add money using Cash App. Also, following the article, one can easily link a debit card to a cash app.

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